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My home was broken into and robbed when no one was home. Why am I being subponaed?

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My home was broken into and robbed when no one was home. The cops later turned up some of my property at a pawn shop. Now I am being subpoenaed to court against the man who pawned my belongings. Why?

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In order to prove the offense of burglary the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person accused has no legal reason to be in your home or in possession of your property. They can not prove this without testimony of the homeowner that the suspect was there without permission. You are most likely being subpoened to testify briefly that you do not know this person and you did not give them permission to be in your home.
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Because you, as the owner of the home and the victim, are a necessary part of the State's Case.

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You would most likely be called to testify as to the lack of consent for the Defendant(s) to enter your home.

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Seda Aktas

Seda Aktas

Posted well as a lack of consent for them to be the rightful owners of the property which was pawned.


To identify your belongings and to let the jury know that you did not give the Defendant permission to take them.


You're an essential state witness. The state must prove its case and can't do much without a victim. If you want your stuff back or an order for the bad guy to pay restitution, you ought to be willing to cooperate with the state. Don't understand your reluctance to put the bad guy behind bars.

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