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My home owner insurance refused to pay my claim for water damage(Bad Faith)

Hanover, VA |

My agent said that I didn't notify him as soon as it happen , I'm a truck driver so I was not always there , we played phone tag . . . . . . . he also stated that I should have been crawling under my house as he does to inspect for water damages . . . . . . . . the leak was inside my wall the plumber had to cut a section out to replace it . Also , my plumber stated that it was west pipes and they were no longer being used b / c they crack a lot and were discontinued . . . . . . . . . since I'm thinking my whole house maybe fitted with these pipes I may be looking at future pipe burst , are there anyway to have the company of west pipe replace them as they may cause future water damage . . . . . My claim have been listed on some site stating I had a claim for water damage . . . . . Th Lloyd

I didn't know about my claim being on some sort of website until out auto insurance policy agent told us because they want to do a home owner insurance policy as well.....

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There are a number of attorneys who specialize in property damage / homeowner's claims. When dealing with property damage, homeowners are often faced with these tactics used by the carriers to avoid payment under the policy. You should contact local attorneys about this water damage matter to see if you can line up an attorney to handle this matter on your behalf. Good luck.

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