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My home is scheduled for foreclosure auction can filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy stop the sale?

Spokane, WA |

My home is scheduled for a foreclosure auction in two weeks will the auction be canceled if I file for bankruptcy?

What action can I take against the foreclosure notice?

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When someone files bankruptcy under any chapter, an "automatic stay" takes effect, which prevents anyone from taking any action to enforce a debt without the bankruptcy court's approval. That does not necessarily mean that the foreclosure will be cancelled. It may just be delayed. The lender will undoubtedly ask the court for "relief from stay" to go ahead with the foreclosure, but you have a right to object. You should immediately contact a bankruptcy attorney.

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Upon filing a bankruptcy, civil cases against you will be stayed (put on hold). This will not offer permanent relief, though, as the party can then ask the bankruptcy court to lift the stay so they can proceed with the lawsuit.

You should contact a local bankruptcy attorney to discuss all of your options.


Yes it will stop the foreclosure but probably only temporarily. I suggest you contact a bankruptcy attorney to discuss filing a chapter 13 if you want to keep your home.