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My H1b visa stamp on passport has expired, however I do have a valid H1b extension approval. Can I travel to Mexico for 10days.

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My H1b visa stamp on passport has expired, however I do have a valid H1b extension approval letter from USCIS.
1. Can I travel to Mexico and South America for 10days.
2. Do I need a visa stamping for 10 days trip or my approval letter will do.
3. Shall I carry all these immigration documents with me or its safer to leave it at home.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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Yes. You may travel to Mexico with an approved extension and expired visa in your passport under the contiguous territory rule.

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1. Mexico yes; "south America": you will need a new visa stamp to be readmitted.
2. See my answer 1. above. You can be readmitted on your I-797 approval notice when coming back from an adjacent country (Mexico, Canada) on a trip of less than 30 days, for anything beyond those two countries you'll need to apply for and obtain a consular visa "stamp" to be readmitted.
3. Carry copies of everything to produce if asked either at the port of entry or airport upon return.

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To travel to Mexico or Canada, you can travel for up to 30 days without a visa. To travel anywhere else about, you will need an H-1B visa in order to reenter the U.S.

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