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My H-1 is approved.Presently I am on (B-1/B-2) till 2015

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My H-1 is approved.Presently I am on (B-1/B-2) and (B-1/B-2) till 2015,
My H1b will be valid form October 1st 2013 onwards ,i havnt recived I-94 with approval
MY Ques
1)Can i leave the US and come back to US On B1b2. in August for a ceminar.
and than i will apply for stamping for H1b from country.

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I must correct you ... it is impossible to have an I-94 with a valid B-2 until 2015

1. That is not a good idea ... go home and get a stamp and return after September 20, 2013

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If your B-2 is valid until 2015 you would be considered in status, however this is probably an error in your question. if you mean you have B visa valid until 2015 you are permitted to travel to the US as a non immigrant B for a valid non immigrant B purpose. A seminar is generally okay for B purposes.


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If you have a H-1B approved while being on B1/B2. What it means is that your status is changed to as of H-1B beginning 10/1/2013 and if you leave the country prior to 10/1/2013 and want to reenter on H-1B, you would need stamping, you are no longer on B1/B2. Answer is no , you cannot enter in 8/13 on B1/B2. If you reapply for B1/B2, it will create complications for approved H1.
If you continue to stay here on valid B1/B2, you can attend the seminar/confence while on B1/B2.

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