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My grandson is still in foster care they know full well that there is family members that would love to care for him.

Roseburg, OR |

The baby was made a wart of the court the 26th. We are still trying to get him put with family members. We have gone to CPS in Sacramento and they say it's fine just have Oregon fax the paper work. They told my daughter to come up so they can certify her and she we have to bond with the baby. then she sad the the foster parent my not want to give him up. What is that about. He should have never been put there in the first place with them knowing that family members that wanted him. What do we do now.

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Attorney answers 1


Sounds like the State of California has determined that the parents of the child are unable to care for him. So the State is responsible for his well being. He was placed with pre-screened foster care givers. Your daughter is claiming to be related, and claims to have some priority for long term placement. The State needs to be sure she meets the criteria, so as not to deliver the child to someone not entitled. Sounds like things are moving along properly. Your daughter should go get "certified" so placement can be made.