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My grandson attempted to rob a shop with a toy gun but was arrested & was just indicted. What will probably happen next?

Fort Worth, TX |

He has been in trouble several times as a juvenile and is a high school drop out.

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An indictment is the document that informs the defendant of the precise charge that has been brought. After the grand jury issues an indictment, the case moves to the district court. The defendant needs to get a lawyer at that point if he or she does not already have one. If the defendant is too poor to hire a lawyer and one has not been appointed yet, the defendant should ask for an appointed lawyer the first time he or she is given an opportunity to do that.

What will be the result of the case? Without a full review of the evidence and conferring with the defendant, a lawyer could only offer a blind guess, and that's not what you are looking to get.

Best idea is to get your grandson to a criminal defense lawyer in the city where this case is pending. That lawyer can give advice based on the specifics of the case.

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