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My grandparents will was done in CA and they are in TX. Will the will be accepted in TX?

Justin, TX |

My grandparents will was done in CA and they are in TX. Will the will be accepted in TX?

Their will is pretty simple. Most of their items have already been divided up and their bank accounts have my self and my aunt on them to access.

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One state will accept another state's laws and documents such as wills.
However-it would be better to have an attorney in TX to review the documents and
recommend changes(if any).

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If the Will was valid in California, then it can be admitted to probate in Texas. It will likely cost more in legal fees and it might not function precisely the same way. I strongly recommend that she consult with an experienced estate planning attorney in the county where she lives.

DISCLAIMER: This is not specific legal advice and does not establish an attorney/client relationship.


I agree with the other attorneys. It really depends on the language. But almost always, spending a small amount of money getting a new ATTORNEY-DRAFTED Texas will (as little as 79 per will on sites like, is far less than the price of trying to probate a will that doesn't meet all the Texas-specific requirements.

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If they are alive and competent it would be a good idea to do Texas wills. Have a lawyer draft them.

Otherwise the California wills can be used here in Texas.

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