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My grandpa was in duress when we signed a family agreement that my mom gets everything. my grandmas will left me everything

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prior to this being done but the will was never probated, can the family agreement be void since i was suppose to get everything when both passed away, but my mom tricked us into signing a family agreement a month before my grandpa died and he was doing chemo treatments

my mom knew she would not get any thing since my grandma left he nothing i never knew what i was signing when this was done nor did I see my grandparents will, I just found out i was suppose to get the entire estate, but my mom had me and my grandpa sign a family agreement a month before he died. My mom coerced us into signing it, so how do i get this reversed since i just found out this info after 18 yrs. my grandma's was done in 1975 and it was new than my grandpa's (1973) .I was 1 yr old when this was done, im now 38.she died in 1993 and my grandpa died in 1994

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You present a very complicated set of facts and you do a pretty good job of it. But, this problem is going to require some analysis. It is possible to set aside agreements if one party was under duress at the time of signing or if a party was tricked or defrauded. However, your grandpa is now deceased and he was the one tricked not you. The fact that there was no probate on your grandma's Will and that it was intentionally kept from you may provide an opportunity for you. You really need to consult with an attorney who is not only experienced in probate law but in probate lawsuits. That attorney will need to develop all of the facts and a very specific timeline of events and that attorney will want to see the Wills of your grandma and grandpa and the "family agreement".

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In addition to Attorney Olsen's answer, which I completely agree with, I would simply add that based on the facts you have presented, even if you *MAY* have had an action, at one point in time, it is very likely that the statute of limitations would bar any claim that you may have had. It is, after all, about 18 years since the date when your grandfather died. I do not believe there is anything you will be able to do anything at this time.

James Frederick

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Sarah Ann Duckers

Sarah Ann Duckers


I agree. And as a more practical matter, even if a lawsuit were successful, the assets may all be gone by the time that is determined.

James P. Frederick

James P. Frederick


Agreed. And my apologies to Attorney Paxton, whose original answer I was agreeing with, not Attorney Olsen.


The facts need to be developed more for the proper analysis. However, it is possible that you may be able to have the agreement void if you were defrauded or were under duress etc. The case is complicated and you need an excellent attorney.

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