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My grandaughter in another state is in CPS cutody we do want her but she is now being adpoted can we get custody ?

Phoenix, AZ |

My grandaughter lives in Oregon I live in Arizona CPS is making it hard for me to get custody of her I have taken all the classes and everything but they keep throwing road blocks in the way she is now up for adoption and they didnt notify me of this what can I do to stop the adoption and get custody of my 3 year old grandaughter ?

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You need to contact an Oregon lawyer immediately if your granddaugheter is in CPS custody there. Assuming the adoption proceedings are taking place in Oregon, that is where you need assistance. If I'm wrong and this is in Arizona, you may need to contact a lawyer here who does dependency work.

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I agree with Ms. Mosher. You need to contact an Oregon attorney based on the facts you described above. Typically, when you are seeking a custodial/adoptive in an interstate CPS case, you need to Request an ICPC, and perhaps attempt to file a Motion to Intervene in the proceeding in Oregon. You need to act very quickly, so I recommend calling an Oregon attorney as soon as possible.

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