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My girlfriend was caught shoplifting at Kohl's and we desperately need this taken away!

Altoona, PA |

My girlfriend, who is still 17, and myself, I am 18, were at Kohl's and while we were shopping she put a few extra things in her purse that weren't hers. The loss prevention people came to her in the parking lot outside the store and ask to speak with her, they let me go. I didn't go in with her until later and found out what was going on. She had put $57 worth of items in her purse and admitted guilt. She now faces a court hearing and a criminal charge for shoplifting. She is to be charged for the total amount of the stolen items, $57 (the items were returned), and also shoplifting. Getting into college with this hanging over her head will be increasingly difficult. She has worked to hard to have her future taken from her first ever mistake. Please, any and ALL advice will help!


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Post nothing more on a public forum and hire a criminal defense attorney who can help.

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Mr. Kaplan has it exactly right. A skilled defense attorney CAN help minimize the negative consequences that you both fear. Most who participate here will offer her a confidential initial consultation without charge. She needs badly to take advantage of that opportunity to speak privately with one or more suitable lawyers about this situation. Handling it on her own is an even bigger mistake than what occurred inside Kohl's. It may require notifying her parents. I'm a parent and parents are entirely capable of supporting a child who has made a mistake. We have to do it with every one of our children as one point or another. Good luck.


Your girlfriend first needs to talk to her parents about this. Then, she and her parents need to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help to minimize the consequences of her juvenile act. Good luck to you both!

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