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My girlfriend and I are trying to take the rights away from her children's father

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The kids and I were involved in a car accident which I had let the father of my girlfriends children drive my car I was pleading with him to slow down which he the slammed into the back of a stopped car on Interstate 24 the kids and I were hurt the father then took off on foot leaving us I was only OK with him just for the kids sake he has zero legal rights to the kids besides that he's their father he has priors owes 5000 in back child support he is a piece of crap that could of killed all of us is their any way we can have all his rights taken away so he can't hurt these kids any more later after the accident he came to our home wen we were not home to get his car and stole all my tools that he was helping me with fix the garage the day of the accident

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Yikes! The collision sounds scary enough, and this biofather sounds totally irresponsible, but taking away his parental rights is probably not a reasonable outcome, Court practically never terminate parental rights except when requested by the state child welfare or in connection with a step-parent adoption . The thinking is that children deserve to have the support of two parents. If children need to be protected from dangerous parental stupidity, restrictions can be included in a custody order.

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What if I signed for the children I was arrested in this incident for disorderly for yelling and cursing at the police because I can see him running and hiding and i was saying go get him but they were too focused on me


Terminating parental rights is very difficult. It will probably be just as effective (for the safety of the children), less time/money consuming to seek supervised visitation only. I suggest you consult with a local attorney to fully review all your rights, and options. Good luck!

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For the time being, there's a better option. You can file for Dependent and Neglect against him to bar him from certain things, like having the kids in his car. You may want to call DCS and advise them and then see if they file the Dependent and Neglect action. If they do, let them handle it. If they don't the mother can file it on her own. She can try to handle it without a lawyer, but I recommend she hire someone to assist her with it. After the Dependent and Neglect action is successful AND the two of you get married, then you can talk about a Termination of Parental Rights coupled with an Adoption (which is the only way you can file the Termination).

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