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My girl friend, poor english skills, was taken to the hospital and given unneeded mri, she told them no, but they did these test

Raleigh, NC |

anyway, got a bill for 23,000 can we do anything about this?

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We have oserved posts along the lines of a patient going to a medical facility and being discharged without tests. Then at some later time an illness is diagnosed that it is said could have or should have or would have been dignosed earlier but for testing.

I wish you and your girlfriend the best of health and am certain you will find a way to pay for the medical bills or work with the provider(s) for whatever assistance might be available.

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A lot of times contacting the billing department in the hospital helps. Explain your situation and let them know what you can do. They would rather get paid some of the amount than send it to collections. They might help initially or you may need to be persistent. I wish you the best of luck.

Mike Walker


Do you have health insurance? If so have them bill your insurance and then contact the billing department and explain what happened, saying that they should only be entitled to the insurance reimbursement given what happened.

Good luck.

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Send the bills to your health insurance carrier to resolve.

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When you say "unneeded" I am not clear whether you mean that the test was simply negative or that some physician ordered it erroneously. Obviously just because the exam was negative would not mean it was medically unnecessary the symptoms she presented with. as long as it was determined to be medically necessary to arrive at a diagnosis, she would be responsible for the bill, assuming she does not have health insurance. In that circumstance I would contact the hospital to seek a uninsured discount.

On the other hand, if you been told that the MRI was ordered erroneously then you should contact the hospital to get them to waive the charges.

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