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My gas has been wrongfully shut off, I have two kids, and they won't turn it back on tonight what type of attorney would I call?

Grand Rapids, MI |

I recently bought a house and it has been about 2 months and I hadn't recieved a gas bill. I called last week and gave the gas company all of my info (again) and paid the amount on the account at that time. I returned home today and my gas meter is gone. The gas company has informed me that I have been reported to a theft department, and I have been on the phone for the last hour trying to get my service turned back on as I have two kids in my house and need this done before night falls. They are telling me that it cannot be turned back on, I have to have this done tonight and they are sending me in circles. What type of attorney would I contact t help me with this?

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I am not licensed to practice in Michigan, so I will give you general advice.

I doubt that an attorney is going to be able to help you, at least not in the short term, and the cost would not be worth it.

I am assuming from your facts that the gas was shut off for non-payment. If that is the case then bringing the account current should rectify the probelm. Whether or not you were correctly billed is irrelevant. You were aware that you were using the gas for at least two months and should have been aware you had not paid for it.

If you feel you have paid the account current and can prove it, then forward that information to the gas company.

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