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My funds are used as part of court order setting up trust fund to pay only mortgage payments for a divorcing couple due to lies

Los Gatos, CA |

$50,000 of $300,000 used to set up trust fund was my separate funds I'd used as bail for the husband to get his release on illegal weapons case his wife had set him up on. $250,000 of funds husband gave me for bail was community. Wife gets order that freezes bail money & has me joined in their divorce. Later on, without notice to me, wife's attorney & wife commit perjury to get all bail money released for trust fund knowing only $250k is community. Wife's attorney uses up all money in trust fund because he pays additional bills wife's ordered to pay. Judge later rules that I am owed $50k + $20k interest, won't allow me to lien community & since trust is at $0 , I can't collect. Wife & attorney knew $50k was my money & they stole it. I don't have money for attorney so what can I do?

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I realize that money is tight for you, but you really need to sit down with a lawyer to review the history of this matter, and get some advice.

From here, it looks like the key is the order and/or judgment saying that you are owed the $70,000. It may be an enforceable judgment. Without seeing the paperwork and knowing whom the order/judgment is against, I don't know that I can say anything more. It may be that an hour or so of a lawyer's time is all you need to advise you on what you need to do, and that you can do the legwork after that.

Good luck to you.