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My friends small dog attacked my dog at their home. My dog defended itself. They hurt themselves by pulling on my dogs teeth.

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They invited us into their home. Their dog attacked mine from behind when my dog picked up a toy. The owners put their hands in my dogs mouth and try to pull apart her jaw. That is where they got injured. My dog is a lot bigger. Their dog only required pain medicine, antibiotics and sutures for a moderate laceration. Am I and my dog still at complete fault?

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You can litigate the facts sure, but I think the majority of the blame falls to you, the dog owner, for not controlling your dog. Indeed, it was extremely unwise to 1. take a dog into another dog's home and 2. allow your dog to mouth onto a dog toy at your guest's home. I imagine most juries would see it that way, too


I agree with Mr. Brinkmeier. Moreover, I think it's telling that the most important part of your description, the part where the bits occur, is glossed over in your description with a "[t]hat is where they got injured." What you probably are not saying is, "That is where my dog clamped down on the smaller dog, and the other dog owner was bitten by my dog when that owner was trying to rescue his dog."

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I hope a lesson has been learned. You need to control your dog from whatever may come. I recommend you buy and use the special mouth leash when you are out to avoid another attack. The next time the little dog may be dead. Good luck to you.

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