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My friend was assaulted at work and both the Union and the company are pressuring him to 'patch things up' and move on...

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My friend was punched hard in the leg by a hot-head coworker over something mundane. It was hard enough to leave a large bruise. This was the second time he has been punched by this guy. He waited a week to report it because he was embarrassed. He has lost sleep over this, has become depressed, is scared to go to work, and is even a little scared of other coworkers for fear that they might hit him. He has a meeting soon with his boss, the union rep, and the guy. He is afraid he will be pressured into letting it go. He is also afraid that the situation won't change and that the guy might even try to retaliate at some point (the guy has a reputation for being a hothead).

What should he do or say?

Oh, he took pictures of the bruise and showed it to his shop steward when it was still visible.

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If you have sustained an injury that prevents you from working, you might qualify for a worker’s compensation claim. Generally, this would be your exclusive remedy against the employer. Since the actions of the co-worker was intentional, you also retain the right to sue him or her for any injuries. There is a slim possibility that you can also sue the employer if the assaults were personal in nature and had nothing to do with work.

As an alternative to a lawsuit or a compensation claim, be sure to place the employer on notice of the repeated assaults. As for the other employee to be disciplined.

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Thank you very much, I will pass along that advice.