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My friend is pregnant, she wants to give me the baby because she can't take care of it, can i get the baby

Jacksonville, FL |
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I am not licensed to practice law in Florida, but I would advise you to check with an attorney or legal expert handling adoptions. Florida has statutes that dictate the process of terminating parental rights and transferring those rights to a person who is not a biological parent. You may wind up with a very confusing situation later if your friend simply gives you the baby. Dad or mom could reappear in five to ten years, claiming rights to the child and they actually might be awarded, but you could guarantee some legal wrangling if that happened. Please proceed with this in a way that ensures you have sole legal rights to this child (along with a partner who may be adopting with you of course) and that the parents have terminated their rights, so that no one is confused. You will be glad you did and it will save the child much confusion later.


You don't just give babies away. You need to file for the adoption of this child and have her sign the consent forms. YOu will also need the consent of the father.

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