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My friend is on parole , he was picked up by DEA and now in prison with USM HOLD , what does this mean

Dallas, TX |

is it something super serious , how long will he be jailed

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I agree with Mr. Kormanik.

This looks like a US Marshall hold has been placed on your friend. That suggests that your friend has business with the feds that has not yet been completed. Because you mention your friend was picked up by the DEA, best guess is a federal drug case not yet taken care of.

Your friend needs a good federal criminal defense lawyer.

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Because there is no "parole" in the federal system, I can only presume your friend was on parole for a state offense. If there is a US Marshall's hold on your friend, it likely means he or she was indicted for a federal crime. That being the case, to answer your question: Yes, it is "super serious."

As to how long he will be jailed, that all depends on the charges he is facing and whether he is eligible for pre-trial release.

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It is very fair to assume that this matter is indeed "super serious." Given that the U.S. Marshal's service has placed a hold on him, he could have pending federal charges. Your friend needs a good lawyer. This is especially so in situations such as this. When a defendant is taken into custody by the state and then later charged by the feds, the attorney representing the defendant at the federal proceedings must take extra steps to ensure that the defendant receives all his prior custody credit. Otherwise, when the defendant finishes his time for violating parole and is transferred to the custody of the Bureau of Prisons, the defendant may find that he is missing many months--sometimes years--of prior custody credit.


Being picked up by the US Marshall means that your friend has serious problems with the federal government over an alleged criminal offense. He needs a good lawyer who has practiced in the federal system, which is very different from the state system.
My experience is that the federal system moves much more quickly and decisively than the state system.