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My friend is incarcerated In Vienna Correctional Center and the living conditions are stomach-churning. How can he file a suit?

Springfield, IL |

They live with filth, vermin and a paucity of bathrooms.

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First he needs to file grievances and exhaust his administrative remedies before filing suit. He should go to the prison library and get a copy of the Prison Litigation Reform Act. Here is a link.

The grievance needs to be specific about his complaints.

After the grievance procedure is exhausted, including appeals, he can then file suit.


Your friend may want to contact the ACLU to ask them to take on the case and give advise.


My answer is the same I as the one I gave you last time you asked. Now that you have identified the facility, I will add that the cleaning there is done by the inmates so, if it is filthy that may indicate an inmate problem rather than a State problem. I know it was OB for a short while but I was in the units five or six years ago and did not see anything alarming. And, believe me, I was not on a "VIP" visit.

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