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My friend is currently being held with criminal drug charges and wants/needs treatment. how to best help his case? harsh da why?

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On the grid, he is looking at 29-34 months however, the DA isn't budging and wants 60 months day for day with no good behavior. He was arrested back in August. he has 3 counts of unlawful delivery and possession of meth cocaine and heroin.

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Because your friend is in custody, it will be hard for him to start treatment until he is released. But once he is released, he should start treatment. His attorney is probably already working on getting him released.
It sounds like the only avenue being pursued here is a lighter sentence. That would assume that your friend is going to be convicted. Depending on the facts of the case, it may be possible to suppress the evidence that the police relied on in arresting him. The delivery of meth charge in particular is a very serious one, and if your friend doesn't yet have an attorney, he should discuss his case with an attorney as soon possible. I would be happy to discuss this confidentially with you or him, I can be reached at 503-836-3420.
Good luck!

Posting details about a criminal case in a public forum is dangerous and could seriously damage your defense. Your anonymous questions could be tracked back to you by the prosecution. When in doubt, it may be a better idea to email or call a local attorney with a question rather than post it online.


The best way to help his case is to ensure that he is represented by a capable defense attorney and that his defense attorney has all the relevant case information. If his friends or family have any money they should put their heads together about retaining counsel.

If your friend has recently been convicted of a series of DCS crimes then he may be subject to Ballot Measure 57's repeat offender sentencing provisions, which replace the presumptive grid score sentence. Also, your friend may be subject to sentence enhancement factors such as 1. The crime in this case was committed while the Defendant was on probation; 2. Previous sanctions have not deterred the same criminal conduct; etc. So it may not be the DDA being harsh so much as just holding your friend to the presumptive sentence for people who commit a series of similar crimes in a short period of time.

Good luck.

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I tend to agree with the remarks of counsel here.