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My friend got his 3rd DUI, how long will he be in there?

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He could possibly be looking at a minimum of one year in jail. It is therefore important that he retain a criminal defense attorney with expertise in DUI cases.


Tell your friend to talk with a good DUI attorney immediately. He could be looking at a minimum of one year in prison and an 18 month license suspension.


There are a number of defenses to DUI.

The simple answer to your question is "It depends on his BAC" It could be ten days in the county or it could be 1 year in the state pen.

Have you friend contact a good DUI Defense Attorney. Click a link for more information

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To add to what others have said, it also depends on how long it's been since his first DUI. If it's been less than ten years, he's in serious trouble. Depending on the BAC, it's anywhere from ten days to a year. But if it's been more than ten years, it's only five days to three months. And if it's been ten years since his last DUI, he could be looking at as little as probation.

So yes. Your friend needs an attorney immediately.

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He faces a mandatory minimum between 10 days and a year depending on his BAC level. Retain a private criminal defense attorney immediately. There may be a basis to fight on the fact he was not driving at the time. Good luck.

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