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My friend came to the USA in 2001- legaly- and lived an worked here legaly till 2006.his son is a 19 years old US Citizen..

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The mean time my friend divorced, his ex- wife and his kids got the citizenship but he is became illegal. He still have the company, pays the taxes but he has no status. His son is 19 years old US Citizen. My friend support his son, pays for the school, for the car, insurance, etc..If he gets deported his son will not be able to cover his own expences. I know that his son can sponsor him when he turns 21 but my question is that there is any way to get my friend a greencard or work visa or any status till his son able to sponsor him? What can he do? He scared to being pulled over while driving and getting deported.. Can his son aply for he change of status for my friend before he turns 21 so at least he will hve some paperwork started that he can show the police if hy pull him over? Thanks!

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Only through a bona fide marriage or he has to wait for the son to turn 21. Possibly if we are all lucky, maybe there will be an immigration reform before then.

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If he is married to a US citizen she can petition for him, otherwise he should wait for his son to turn 21.

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I agree with my colleagues.