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My friend borrowed my car and she totaled it. Can she be charge for false statement when she goes E.U.O. by my insurance?

Saugus, MA |

She borrowed my car went to a wake, head to a bar after. later that night she crashed into a tree at 3 am, the police came to the scene and didn't give her a sobriety test. She has a broken wrist and ankle from the accident. I had to call the insurance to put in the claim, I wasn't at the scene to tell them what happened, so she told them what happened saying she got tailgated and got hit from behind and head onto the tree, but there's pictures of the car with no damage on the rear what so ever. The officer's police report said she fell asleep on the wheel and crashed. Now my insurance is giving her a date for Examination Under Oath. Her story doesn't match up with the police report. there's no proof of her D.U.I. because there was no sobriety test. Can she be charged later found guilty?

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She can be charged for making a false statement under oath but no cannot be charged after the fact for DUI.



What will happen to her if she doesn't show up for the examination under oath?


Your friend should talk with an attorney before giving any additional statements.


Have her retain a local attorney, as the insurance company is her adversary.

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Read your policy. Almost certainly, only you can be subject to an EUO as an insured. This has been litigated in many states, but I don't know about Mass.

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I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to prove a DUI after the fact. I would retain local counsel to come up with a strategy. It doesn't sound like a strong case if you went the DUI angle but you could get her for something else.



I know she's not going to show up on the date for the E.U.O. because she's been avoiding my calls about this accident, the adjuster has came to her house a few times and made calls to her, and she's avoiding them. I don't want the insurance to go after me. what would happen to her if she does not appear for the E.U.O. and what could I get her for something else, since there's no evidences of her D.U.I. but her giving a false claim to the insurance about the accident against the officer's written accident report.

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