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My friend borrowed my car and had a single car accident with only property damage.

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My friend borrowed my car and had a single car accident with only property damage. I turned it over to my insurance comapny, but they are refusing to pay to fix my car. Any suggestions?

Sorry for the lack of information. They said that my g/f's son was 'principally at fault' for the loss for the following reason: Failure to maintain control of your vehicle. I have full coverage on the car. Her son was not given a ticket and was determined to NOT be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He was driving on the freeway when several cars in front of him got into an accident that created a chain reaction. He swerved to avoid the accident and flipped his SUV. The claims adjuster said that he would have approved the claim had the son hit someone or something, but because he didn't we are out of luck.

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You need to tell us why they won't pay so we can determine whether they are being fair with you. If you don't have collision coverage on the car, they have no obligation to pay. Please provide more details.


You do not give enough facts here. Get a copy of the "policy brochure" and written explanation from your insurance for the basis of the denial. Then you can repost here and/or consult with an attorney. Generally, lending your car to a non-resident friend will be covered, but more info is needed here.


Ask for insurance company for a written explanation why they are denying your claim. Once you get that then we can advise you how to proceed.

Good luck.

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You do not provide enough information. Specifically, I need to understand the reasons the insurance company is refusing to pay for the damages. Ask them to send you a letter with their decision that identifies the reasons for their denial. This will allow you to evaluate whether they are justified in their denial. Best of luck!

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Without knowing why the insurance company is refusing to fix it, cannot really offer advice other than first find out why they are refusing to fix the vehicle. If you still need assistance after that, update this question with additional information or post a new question.

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If you have the appropriate coverage, have one of the above lawyers in your state hold their feet to the fire. If not, have you friend pay you or take him to small claims court.


There is only so much we can do to help you with the limited information provided. You may want to consult with a local attorney to review the details your car accident and advise you further. Best of luck.

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