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My friend and I got an MIP. However, nowhere on my citation does it say MIP?

Corvallis, OR |

The ticket only says BAC 0.0367 and 2013CO2379. Also, on the back of the citation, option 1 says "enter a plea of no contest and pay the court the amount of the presumptive fine". I looked at the presumptive fine written on the front of the ticket and there is nothing written in those boxes. Does this mean that I am off the hook? And if so, if I "pay" the fine of nothing, will it still be on my record?

Update: The officer called me today and said he forgot to write a fine on the ticket and a MIP citation so he said he had to legally tell me that he was changing it. He didn't tell me what the fine was. Should I fight it? He wrote the ticket messily, wrote the wrong DOB and spelled my name with an O instead of an A. if so, will it still be on my record?

Also, this was in Oregon.

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You need a lawyer now -- to make a "special appearance" for you, noting that you've not been properly served, and asking for immediate dismissal. As a matter of basic fairness, we don't let one side submit an altered document to court -- which is what the cop called you and told you he was doing. Also, you have voice mail for a reason -- stop chatting with the cop, you have a right to silence. He's not on your side, and he's not trying to help. Your MIP comes with a 1-year driver license if convicted. So get a lawyer to try to NOT be convicted.

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