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My friend (really) is being harassed by a coworker. What are her options under the law?

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She reported the person on several occasions and filed a police report when the person peed on a packet of medication in a locked personal locker. Police couldn't do anything at the time.The only action by the employer was to send both to two counseling sessions and she still has to work on the same shift with the person. It's an ongoing problem but the employer hasn't made any effort to stop the harasser.

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Sounds like the employer did make an effort--sending the 'pee-er' to counseling. Its not clear that there are any legal steps to take since you didn't related the types of other incidents so its tough to give a meaningful answer except to say your friend should continue to report incidents to the company and to police where warranted so as to build a portfolio and to see a local attorney about options.

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I was trying to keep it brief before but the other incidents were signing on to her personal email, banking site, etc and forwarding it to other coworkers; following her after work. They work in a hospital so there can be serious results (patient care) if this keeps escalating. The director & hr sent both the harasser and my friend to counseling, which I thought was odd. It hasn't stopped the coworker at all, in fact she is increasing the harassment and getting others involved. I've tried to get my friend to talk to an attorney but she's scared. I'm hoping that by getting some legal advice on here my help her to take that step.


I am sorry for your friend. First the destruction of property by urinating on it is criminal. The greater the value of property destroyed the more severe the crime. The crime is called Criminal Mischief and can range from a Class C misdemeanor to a felony. Also if the harassment involves repeated telephone calls (telephone harassment) or statements threatening bodily injury or death (terroristic threat) those are also criminal conduct.

Lastly, if the threats are based on race, religion, sex gender etc. your friend might also be able to file a complaint through the EEOC. Your friend should consult with a local attorney as soon as possible.

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