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My former landlord is taking me to court. She claims that there were damages but she was not specific on what the damages were.

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I was served papers saying that my former landlord is taking me to court for damages. It states that she is keeping my deposit (which is OK because we had a verbal agreement that the deposit would be used at the last month's rent since she couldn't give it back because she "needed a new bed"). Also, She did not give me details of what these damages were. I know of one is that of carpeting but it had pet stains on it when I moved in. Also, she did not move all of her stuff out so it stayed in the house the entire time I lived there so my daughter only had half of a bedroom. The landlord thought that she could stay with me anytime she wanted (which she stayed with me for 8 weekends straight. Nothing in the lease states that she could.) Also, the landlord never signed the lease, only me.

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If the complaint is not specific enough, your former landlord will lose. You might wish to discuss your paperwork with a landlord/tenant or collections attorney so that you are prepared for trial Do not discuss your defenses with the Plaintiff because you might tip her hand that she needs to be more specific. Good luck!

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Get a lawyer who represents tenants in these matters.

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Find a lawyer who handles these disputes. By statute your landlord cannot keep a security deposit unless certain terms are satisfied. By statute if the landlord has not followed the terms you can be awarded double your damages and attorney fees. Shouldn't be difficult to find a lawyer considering the statutes and laws that apply to the his matter.

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