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My former employer is in breach of our severance agreement, what recourse do I have?

Canby, OR |

I participated in my employer's Voluntary Separation Program and one of the provisions was that I receive a month of Medical, Dental and Vision benefits. They took the premiums out of my bonus check and also my two final paychecks. I was to receive the medical benefits 1 month after the end of the severance period, due to the fact at the time of separation I had been off for a year due to a workplace injury. I tried to have some prescriptions filled and found that I didn't have benefits. Long story short, I did not receive the benefits stated in severance agreement and paid for them. I was told they would reimburse me my premiums paid, but would receive no insurance. This is not acceptable. What are my options?

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There could be a provision in the separation agreement dealing with people on worker's comp at the time they take the agreement. You should consult with an attorney who can thoroughly review the agreement taking into account your particular circumstances. (You should also say no more about your case online in case your now-former employer finds it.)