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My finace has six charges; two robbery with firearm, three aggreevated assault with deadly weapon, and one possession of deadly

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weapon, &one possession of deadly weapon of convicted felon. he has a plea of ten years & if he takes it to trial and loses, he'll do life. he didn't do though. there's no weapon, and there's three victims. its a lie because i know it is. not because he's my best friend & my future but i KNOW he didn't do it. don't ask me how. he decided to take it to trial.scary huh ? they're only going because of the subpoena but if it wasn't for that they would've dropped everything. is the only way out so the victims wont get in trouble& my fiance gets out is if he says he doesn't remember? then everybody wins? or how is there a way to win?
how can he possibly do LIFE with noooo evidence, no tape, no gun, no DNA, no nothing except 3 GUYS saying saying a story?
unless the jury isn't convinced correct?

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A skilled criminal litigator will focus on impeaching the witnesses. The accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The likelihood of a positive outcome- exoneration or a mitigated sentence- is increased with the help of an experienced criminal litigator. Seek out an experienced criminal litigator for a free consultation. If you cannot find one on Avvo, search at the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers ( Speak to several attorneys and hire the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. NACDL local members:

Go to Trial: Crash the Justice System

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Thank you so much for the "Go to trial: Crash the justice system". I hate reading, but something told me to push myself. It was daring yet awesome, than you very much.


I don't see a question here but good luck. Your boyfriend is in a lot of trouble. If there is no evidence then there will be no conviction. But know that there are a lot of people in prison right now based on testimonial evidence alone.


Some prosecutors will drop cases if the witnesses are uncooperative and refuse to come to court, even with a subpoena, others threaten to have warrants sent out for their witnesses if they refuse to show. It would be difficult for the State to prove their case if the witnesses forget, have conflicting testimony, or are otherwise not credible.

Your fiancé is definitely in the hot seat and people can be convicted based on testimonial evidence alone, especially if there are three individuals saying the same thing. Hopefully one or more of them will have the guts to tell the truth about what actually happened instead of sending him to prison for life. Good luck!

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Mi fiancee loved your answer. Thank you.


Know that people have been convicted and sentenced to life in prison with even less evidence than you suggest the state has on your fiance. The decision to go to trial should be made on a gut feeling. Make sure you and your fiance express all of your concerns to your fiance's attorney.

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