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My fiancee was arrested for dui w/injury and hit and run w/injury.I am wondering if I can contact the DA and judge in his case?

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He is a recovering alcoholic and had a relapse.I need him home so he can work and is willing to go to AA and DUI classes and go on probation.I need to know if I can write the DA and judge in his case and let the=m know.We cannot afford a lawyer and he is being represented by a public defender who is on vacation until the day befoe his assesment hearing.

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That is the worse thing you can do for him. Admitting everything to the DA. The DA has the burden of proof and at times, a Hit and Run is all the DA can prove. Don't sell your fiance down the road, instead hire an attorney for him.

Elliot Zarabi


The DA nor the judge will read what you have wrote. He has an attorney, let that attorney do their job.
Robert Driessen

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Yes. However, I strongly recommed against doing that. Talk to his attorney. Don't makes statements or admissions unless you are required to. Generally, by speaking emotionally to a DA or Judge will do no good, except at sentencing...b/c you will say the wrong thing that will likely result in getting him convicted.


He, not you, needs to contact his attorney's supervisor to see what, if anything, can be done for his case between now and the next court date.

Letting the DA and/or judge know about his alcoholism is NOT going to help his case, at least not unless/until a plea/conviction is entered and the focus will move to sentencing.

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I assume you did not witness your fiancee's driving, but am simply seeking to provide some insight to his character. What you have to say may or may not affect any sentence he could receive. The best means to address prosecutors and judges is to do so through a defense attorney. The defense attorney, in his case a public defender, should be able to provide guidance on what, if anything, you can say that will help his case.

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