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My fiance was insulted at a taco bell restaurant by an employee. Is there any legal action that can be taken?

Portland, OR |

We were in Taco bell in Portland, Oregon and my fiancee was ordering for me. the lady behind the counter looked at my fiancee and stated, "oh, we are eating for two" implying my fiancee is pregnant. My Fianceee is plus sized and is not pregnant. this comment offended her so much that she had an emotional break down within a coiuple of minutes of sitting down. She was so upset and embarrassed that she didn't eat, and was crying so hard, we left as soon as possible.

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While this situation is unfortunate, these are not the types of wrongs the court system is meant to address. If that answer doesn't satisfy you, my advice would be to take up your complaint regarding the treatment of your fiance with the manager of the Taco Bell location in question or with Taco Bell's corporate offices. In all likelihood, all you will get out of the whole affair is some free food and an apology but if it's sincere maybe that is enough to take a bit of the sting away for your fiancee.

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Erin Levine

Erin Levine


People are jerks. Don't go back.


No. Hurt feelings aren't enough to bring a claim.


Many women, myself included, have made this mistake. You think you are complimenting the new mother to be and will share her joy and you end up realizing you hurt her feelings. No we are not allowed to sue each other for every minor inconvenience in life. The world would come to a screeching halt if that was allowed. Remember, even when you have something that you can sue for, what you get awarded in damages may often depend on what type of impression you make to a judge or jury. The world doesn't like whiners and doesn't reward them.

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