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My fiance's charge level was M (Misdemeanor) now it's listed as O (Other). What does it mean?

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Hard to tell. It could be that, after looking at the file the DA has rejected filing any charges and will simply let him be transported into Immigration custody. Either way, with an ICE hold, he won't be coming home anytime soon. You need to look for an Immigration attorney to see if they can negotiate a bond With ICE ASAP.

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You should call the District Attorney's Office to find out what the status of his case is-often times cases are not initially filed as they are sent back for further investigation. As the other attorney indicated given that your finance has an immigration hold you should be contacting an immigration attorney for representation with the immigration issue.


It could be good news or it may be a clerical glitch. Sometimes, people are arrested for DUI, but then when they are tested, especially if it was a blood test whose tresults are not immediately known, it can become clear they were not close to the legal limit. So, the O may mean it is being switched from the misdemanor to an infraction. But, that is not necessarily the case. I have seen cases that were misdemeanor arrests that for whatever reason, were ultimately charged as felonies. If he has priors or if anyone other than him was hurt if there was an accident, it could be bad news. He needs to speak with an expereinced DUI lawyer.

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