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My fiance is detained in the Hampton Road Regional Jail for deportation

Woodbridge, VA |

How can I help my fiance, he had a lawyer back in 2003 who was working on his case because he was suppose to be removed from the country and his lawyer appealed it. He lost contact with his lawyer and didnt know that his appealed was denied in 2005. So basically he has been staying here illegally since then. Will marrying him help him not get deported. And is it allowed for us to get married through jail. We also have two children together, we just never had enough money to do the ceremony for marriage.

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He needs to contact an experienced immigration attorney who can assist him as soon as possible. You can contact the VA bar and ask for a list of qualified immigration attorneys who assist aliens in jail with a pending deportation. good luck.

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It appears that your fiance is subject to a final removal order. He can find out about the status of his removal proceedings by calling 1.800.898.7180 and entering is A#.
A marriage would not prevent his removal if he has a final order on him unless proceedings were reopened. You should consult with an experienced immigration attorney.

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i agree.

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