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My fiance is charged with Aggravated Robbery, we were already homeless before this accusation so cannot afford a lawyer.

Phoenix, AZ |

He is in jail, he is innocent and the prosecution has no evidence. They are trying to use his past against him...which does NOT include robbery of any kind, has no real bearing on this false charge. We cannot afford a lawyer and his court appointed lawyer wants to resign due to some sort of conflict of interest and is NOT interested in helping him so he would like to fire her anyway. This goes to trial Aug 15, 2013 8 am. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! We would hate for him to go to prison simply because he cannot get decent legal representation. A defense lawyer IS supposed to help you, not throw you under the bus, right?! Thanks!!

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If the public defender is allowed to withdraw based on a conflict, then your fiance will be assigned a new public defender or legal defender depending on the reason for the withdrawal. I would encourage your fiance to keep an open mind on the new attorney appointed to defend him and to communicate clearly.



When his public defender received word that he had requested another lawyer she spoke to him about it and he told her she wasn't doing her job. Since then she learned that the "victim" had been deceitful in his statement and listened to the 911 call. Things may well change drastically very soon!