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My fiance is being charged with felony assault in an act of self defense how would press charges on the other person?

Lancaster, CA |

the other guy swung first. my fiance hit him in self defense. the other man threatened him with a gun and he left the scene. the officer got the other guys statement blaming him for making the first hit and had left out the gun threatening. he went to the sheriffs station to give his statement and was immediately aressted for felony assault. He wants to press charges against the other guy. we have pictures of the damage done to him as a result of the fight. what does he need to do

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Regardless of who did what first, your boyfriend can't press charges. Only the DA can do that. At most he can file a police report which will be received skeptically since it comes only after your boyfriend was arrested. Don't talk to the police, however, as it may expose your boyfriend to greater liability. Save the photos to share with your boyfriend's lawyer not the police.

If your boyfriend cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed to represent him when he is arraigned.


He needs to get a lawyer now. Your lawyer will be able to guide you in what steps you need to take, get a lawyer now. Best Regards.

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