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My fiance has a son he hasnt seen in a couple years. What are my rights as a stepparent?

Albuquerque, NM |

I have not been able to meet my step-son due to conflicts between my fiance and his sons mother. What are my rights to visit/see him, if any? My step-son has a little sister he has not met yet and I am trying to repair the relationship between him and his father to benefit him, my fiance, and my daughter. What is the process to repair that relationship between father and son to where the biological mother and her family cannot interfere or tarnish the fathers image and relationship with his son? What do we need to do to visit him, and to keep his mother from banning us to make contact with him as she has in the past?

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First, if it's your fiance's child, he's not yet your step-son. Second, you have no rights to visitation/see him because you are not his parent or have any other legal relationship to the child. The father should seek a court order granting custody and visitation. Hire a local family law attorney asap.

This is not legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. This is for education and informational purposes only. It is always recommended that you contact an attorney with any concerns as each individual case is unique.


Your fiancé needs to demand visitation rights. Get a lawyer.