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My fiance died suddenly and I was not in his will. Do I have any legal right to his assets?

Parsippany, NJ |

My name was not on any of his bank accounts.

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Sadly, you probably have no rights to any of his estate. When a person dies without a will the laws of intestate succession of the state of residence will control who gets the estate assets. Next of kin will get this estate.

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I presume your stating you were not in his Will means he had one but you weren't included as a beneficiary. If that is the case then his Will controls and you will not be entitled to his assets through the Will. The bank accounts will likely have a Transfer on Death or Payable on Death beneficiary that will control. If you were not designated then you won't have a right to those accounts. If there was no beneficiary stated on those accounts then the bank will pay over the accounts to his estate, which is controlled by his Will.

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