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My fiance ( visa beneficiary ) is not working at the moment so she can't prove any income. Would that be an issue?

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I am aware that we need to prove that my fiance will not likely at any time become a public charge. She doesn't have a job to prove an income but I do have a job that would allow me take care o her. What kind of proof or document should I give to her so she can take to the K-1 interview?

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At this point, I wouldn't worry about proving whether or not she has a job, the point is whether or not you, as the petitioner, her sponsor, and future spouse, will provide for her, both while she is in the US as a fiancee visa beneficiary, and presumably, later once you're married and filing an adjustment of status application and immediate relative petition for her. If you're working, you can submit whatever proof you have of income, such as: a brief letter from your employer on company letterhead stating your name and position, salary/pay rate, full-time vs. part-time status, and when you began with the company; paycheck stubs; W-2s and copies of federal income taxes for the last 3-5 years; or whatever other proof that you have income if it's from a trust or retirement fund, etc. For the Affidavit Support (I-864) in the future, you'll need to show you earn at least 125% of the federal poverty guidelines for that year, which can be found as Form I-864P under the 'Forms' tab on USCIS' website: Best of luck!

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Employment letter, tax returns and check stub. They do not expect your fiancee to have a job at this point. In fact, you are the one who will be providing the affidavit of support.

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