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My fiancé is in Cook County Jail in Division 3. Is there a pending lawsuit for it being condemned?

Chicago, IL |

My fiancé is in Division 3. Everyone he is with including himself complain that there is NO HEAT and the showers DONT WORK. And if they do work, its ice cold water. If there is NOT a pending lawsuit regarding this, how do I go about starting one?

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Filed under: Civil rights
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You need a lawyer who specializes in civil rights cases. I will edit the Practice Area of your question to help bring your question to the attention of such lawyers. Good luck.


I have heard from other individuals regarding this situation. I was told the Chicago Fire Department inspected division 3, trying to confirm. Make sure he files grievances regarding the conditions of his confinement.


Like Louis, I have also heard about this...including from a client recently in there. Please encourage him to document as best he can these conditions and contact Louis, myself or another attorney who handles such cases to keep apprised of the situation. I'm sorry he must go through this...

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