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My fiancé and i left the country while she had two pending court cases, one that was pending indictment and the other

Tucker, GA |

She was released from jail into weekly reporting in till her case is settled. Now the crimes shes being accused of are due to an ex bf of hers that the police are unable to locate n arrest in order to clear of the blame. She still out of the country but wants to come back n it's been two months since she left. She's affaird of being arrested on arrival at JFK
when she lands back in that true or possible? Will she be arrested? She is an America citizen by birth, she's 21 years old. She is affaird that since she hasn't reported to the court officer every week for the past two months that they might have issued a warrant for her arrest. So the real question is can someone when an arrest warrant enter America without getting arrested at the airport? N do they check for warrants?

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Your fiance needs to speak to an attorney who can look into the case to see if a bench warrant has been issued. Even if one has, it isn't certain that she would be picked up on re-entry. In any event, it may be possible to get the bench warrant recalled, depending on the prosecutor and judge. Either way, the longer she waits, the harder this is going to be to resolve. Please let me know if I can be of assistance. I would be happy to help.


M. Jason Rhoades


There is really no telling what has been filed and whether it has been put in a federal data base without following up with the authorities in Georgia. The best thing is to quickly hire an attorney who can investigate what has been filed, but more importantly can work with the State to arrange for her to come back and turn herself in or bet back on bond. She hasn't been gone too long yet, so she really needs to get on this before it's too late to negotiate a better outcome.


She needs to talk to an attorney asap. Typically it depends on the level of crime she was accused of, as to whether the bench warrant made it from GCIC to NCIC. She needs an Attorney to contact the court to see if there is a bench warrant and whether it can be recalled...

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