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My felony charge was "adjudication withheld" in Fl does that still apply in PA?

Levittown, PA |

I was charged with a felony and sentenced to 12 months probation. My probation was transferred to PA after 6 months. Does the "withheld adjudication" still apply in PA? It has been 8 years and something suddenly has come up on a back round check with an employer. They don't know what has come up but that is the only thing that I have ever been in trouble with. I need to know what to do if thats what comes up. Thanks for your help.

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PA does not have such a thing as "adjudication withheld" So I can't say what it mean. If it is a non adjudicative diversion all that will really matter in PA is whether you are convicted or not.

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You need to consult with FL counsel. The transfer of probation here does not change the fact that the sentence and its future implications are governed by FL law.

William A. Jones Jr.

William A. Jones Jr.


You might want to repost this question changing the geographic location from Levittown PA to the city in Florida so that it comes to the attention of FL licensed lawyers.


If the crime that you were charged with occurred when you were a juvenile, it may be expungeable. It is suggested that you retain a criminal defense attorney to determine what actually is on your record and determine what if anything can be done.


You need to contact FL counsel and get your record sealed. The "withhold" allows this to happen. It will continue to be on your record though unless you get it sealed, which means it will pop up for potential employers. If you cannot afford an atty, contact the legal aid office in the city you were convicted in, they will do everything necessary for a small fee. Of course if you have been in trouble since the felony WH, you may have a difficult time getting your record sealed. First step though is to contact atty in Florida.

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