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My Federal, criminal case is going to trial soon. I can no longer afford my attorney, what should i do?

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I am very doubtful for results i may achieve with a public defender- However, my family has vested a lot of money on my private attorney and i have yet to achieve any results. I have been incarcerated for over a year and i have yet to an actual response arrive at a conclusion as to what will happen with my case. I have decided to go to trial, and being it is so close to my trial date, i am not uncertain as to what to expect.

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You are in a bind. However the decision between trial and plea requires meaningful consultation with your counsel
Most federal courts require your counsel to proceed with the case if he or she has placed a notice of appearance with the court
I have tried federal cases in many parts of the country (even arguing at the us supreme court), so if your family is interested in a consultation, please ask them to look at my website for complete information. Federal cases are complex, sentences are long, and they are expensive--particularly to get a full and sophisticated analysis of your predicament.

Best of luck and i would be happy to speak with you or your family. I can get all of the court filings from the internet.

Kate bonner.

of course, you and i are not forming an attorney client relationship. Representation in Florida Courts and Federal courts nationwide. Argued at the United States Supreme Court,


You should be in good hands with any attorney in a Federal Defender office or on a Criminal Justice Act appointment panel. Your problem is the approaching court date. The judge may not want to delay the trial in order to appoint new counsel, although that is certainly one option. Would your present attorney be willing to finish the case by appointment if the judge would allow that?


As the original commenter noted, the Court has the option of appointing your existing attorney. You should speak with your counsel about this.


You need to tell your lawyer you can't afford him and request the court to appoint you a lawyer instead. It will probably delay the trial until your newly appointed lawyer can get up to speed.


You have to concern yourself with the upcoming trial. You can talk to your current lawyer about your financial situation. If you cannot work out anything with your current lawyer, you can trust a public defender. However, if you are not confident with an appointed attorney there is a chance that there are other private attorneys who may agree to a flat fee or a lower hourly rate.

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