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My father transfer $15000.00 into my account as a gift while he was in a nursing rehab center.

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He transfer the above amount for me to take care of my mother while he was in the nursing rehab center . He did so with several witness and via the phone with his bank . He condition has worsen since this happened . The court has awarded co - guardian and co - conservtorship to myself and a public adminstator . I did have no idea how much my fathers assets are or were . He and his wife ( my mother ) have lived very conservative all their life . As it turns out he has several accounts some of which I just found out today in the several hundreds of thousands to include a trust fund that was set up some years ago . The co - guardian now is petition the court to remove me as guardian and conservetor . The gift of $ 15000 . 00 was given prior to the probate courts order .

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See an attorney familiar with guardianship and probate related matters as soon as possible. You have identified a number of issues that could be troubling and that could result in power that might otherwise vest in your family vest in a public administrator. This might or might not be appropriate. Seek counsel.

This is a general answer only and you should seek the advice of counsel to address facts specific to your circumstances.


I agree with Attorney Hackard. This is a guardianship matter and you should be represented by counsel in order to defend yourself.

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You will need to engage an experienced attorney familiar with guardianships. This fact scenario is bound to be complex and fraught with problems for you.

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