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My father passed away in 2012 in Pennsylvania. He stated that I will inherit 1/2 of the house being sold upon his wife's death.

Harrisburg, PA |

She is not my mom (his 3rd wife). She has no children and her half will go to other relatives. She isn't providing me a copy of his will after I have asked 3 times. What legal rights to I have to a copy of his will? Am I legally entitled to any of his estate now?

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You're going to need to hire an attorney to get things going. As you are an interested party, you have the right to petition the court to open the estate, order the production of the will, and appoint a personal representative. There's no guarantee that you'll actually be entitled to anything--as you haven't seen the will, you have no idea what's in it--but that's the way you'd go about finding out one way or the other.

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Attorney Davidson is absolutely correct. Unfortunately, this situation is not unusual. Fortunately, various options exist to address and, hopefully, remedy the issue.

Contact an appropriately qualified attorney to assure your rights are protected.

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