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My father fell in a grocery store over an empty pallet. Is the store responsible for his medical bills?

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My father was walking inside a grocery store, rounded a corner and fell over an empty pallet laying on the floor.He was complaining of pain in his knee and side. I took him to the ER and after x-rays and an exam he was told he had a sprain and bruising. My father just had a kidney transplant last Jan and I'm concerned as hard as he fell there could be problems not yet known. The store denied the claim stating he should have looked and seen the pallet before tripping over it. Should I even bother with hiring an attorney?

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Permit me to change your question slightly: Should I even both "to contact" an attorney? Without equivocation, yes. The cost of contacting counsel is zero. Most offer complimentary consultations. Your father may or may not have a viable claim. Speaking with local and qualified counsel will answer this. Speaking with the insurance carrier for the store will doom any claim.

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Speak to an attorney. With that said, the facts suggest an allegation of contributory negligence. In Virginia, that could kill your claim. You should absolutely still speak with an attorney who can offer reliable advice.

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It doesn't hurt anything to have your father contact an attorney to discuss the incident. However, as has been mentioned, this may be a case where the store is going to claim contributory negligence as a defense. Virginia is one of the few remaining states that still allows such a defense. If the jury accepts that your father is in the least bit responsible for the accident and his injuries, then he is barred from making a claim.

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It's no bother for one of the personal injury lawyers in your state to discuss it with you.


I agree with my colleagues -- the store will want to argue your dad had something to do with his own fall so his claim may be a bit weak. That said, he should talk to a local PI attorney pronto.

Good luck to him.

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