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My father died and I was on his bank trust account can I spend this money or do I have to pay off depts.,he left no will

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You should discuss this with a local attorney. Many will offer a free initial consultation.

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There is a lot more information that would be needed to answer this question. If the account was owned by a trust it is managed by the trustee. I don't know if by saying you were "on" the account means you are a trustee or a beneficiary or what? You should see an attorney, and bring the relevant documents, so an assessment can be made.

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I would need a great deal more information in order to answer your question. Feel free to contact me and perhaps I can be of help.


It sounds like you are asking if the account is a probate asset or non-probate asset. Probate assets are certainly liable for the debts of the estate. Non-probate assets are usually not. In order to determine if the account passes as a non-probate asset, a lot more would need to be known.
And as others have mentioned, if it is a trust account, it would be another matter altogether.

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