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My father died 84 days ago he didn't make a will.the house is paid for I wanna know who gets the house in order

Tampa, FL |

Not much more to say I miss him and I need answers.simple answers.

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It depends on who is heirs are. Are you the only child, was he married...not enough info.

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I am very sorry for your loss. If your Father did not have a Will, the law of intestacy would provide the answers as to who would inherit his assets. Further, if the real property was his homestead residence, the statutes would indicate who would get the property. It would depend on several factors, including if your father was married at the time of his death, had any minor children and how he owned the property. I would recommend talking to an Attorney who can help you understand the process and handle it smoothly for you. We provide a free consultation and would be happy to help.


It all depends. Since your father did not have a Will, then the laws of intestacy apply. There are also special laws regarding homestead property. It is all going to depend on who your father's heirs are and whether he was survived by a spouse or minor children.
You need to consult with a probate lawyer to go over all the facts.


I'm so sorry. If the house is the only asset, and you are the only heir, you will get the house. A simple summary administration of probate will be necessary and then the house will pass to you by the laws of intestacy in Florida. A local probate attorney can answer all your questions.

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