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My Family doctor is rude and refuses to lissen when pations explane there medical condion.

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My wife was at the doctors office with my son because he had passed out at work and he was taken to hospital a week later he was complaining that he had pain in his chest so she took him to the family doctor and he made them sit there in the waiting area for hours and other people that came there much later they were called in to see the doctor my son had to sit there in the waiting room for 4 hours. The office staff is rude to my wife and so is the doctor. I have a meeting apointment to talk to him about this mater. i would apreseate it if i could get some atvice as to what questions i should ask him.

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Doctors have many patients, and it sounds like he fit your son in without an appointment, although it took a very long time.

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John K Lassen

John K Lassen


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I respectfully suggest you consult with a qualified malpractice attorney before any such meeting. What actions should have been taken by the family practitioner depends on the details of your son's medical history and presentation. In particular, was his chest pain consisted with a cardiac issue. Further, if there was any harm by the delay is a critical question, what was the ultimate outcome?

Generally, I would ask for an explanation for the delay and the staff's actions. Who was responsible. I would also ask why your son was not referred for emergency medical service, and what the doctor's office's capabilities are to diagnose and treat a cardiac emergency.

Of course, this is not meant as legal advice nor does it establish any professional relationship.

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