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My family and I have been being harrassed by a local police officer? What do I need to do?

Buffalo, IL |

The black cop in a very small community in buffalo il. He has been harassing and wrongfully pulling my family and I over for a few months now. Supposedly he was written up for not following police procedures by cheif. But a recent pull over revealed he wasn't when he told us he was just supposed to make it official harrassment and not to give us any breaks. I have no criminal record nor have ever been in trouble. Was told by cop I'm being watched for some apparent reason. He just pulled over pregnant fiancé on a little 4 wheeler that might run 10 mph. And was issued a wreck less driving ticket and threatend by cop approaching w clinched fists saying I know ur a Rogers and that's why I'm stopping u. I was also threatend by cop when he pulled me over for no reason. And lots more.

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There has to be more to this than you have stated. Do not discuss this any more in a public forum. Instead, go speak to a civil rights attorney immediately. You can find qualified lawyers by clicking on the Find a Lawyer tab at the top of this page of contacting your local bar association for referrals.


You need to consult with an attorney that specializes in civil rights cases. You may have a false arrest, unreasonable seizure, equal protection class-of-one case, against this office. Make sure to keep track of the stops (dates, time, location, etc). You might also want to file a citizens complaint against him at the police department.


The short answer is 'see a lawyer' and discuss all the details.

Nothing you posted indicates harassment is happening.

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